PA Grand Canyon SMC Trail Clearing & Picnic

Article to be published in the next issue of Keystone Snowmobiler

Every year with the fall season comes trail-clearing time for many snowmobile clubs, including ours. On September 18, our club held its annual work detail, while combining it with our annual club picnic. In today’s busy times, clubs struggle to get the help needed to complete the tasks at hand to keep our trails open for snowmobilers. We had a very good turnout with twenty-one men and women participating, which included two very helpful youngsters, with everyone helping to complete whatever needed to be done.

We have four miles of rail bed on the south side of Rt. 6 (that runs behind the clubhouse) from the Burnin’ Barrel Bar to the Log Cabin Inn Restaurant and two miles of trail on the north side of Rt. 6 that starts right across the road from the clubhouse and comes out just east of the Burnin’ Barrel Bar. The north route trail can also be accessed at its midpoint by crossing Rt. 6 at the Pine Creek Outfitters and using the Great Valley Cabins trail connector.

With the wetter than normal summer this year, the foliage seemed to love it, with the weeds and briars making for a full day of clearing, not to mention the numerous downed trees that were across the trails.

While the trail crews were busy getting the trails in shape for this coming season, the ladies were busy in the clubhouse preparing a wonderful picnic for everyone that included burgers and hotdogs on the grill and much, much more.

As a reminder, we’ll again be pumping 89 octane gas from our tank this winter to club members at our clubhouse on weekends. The hours are Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., depending on snow conditions.

In closing, I’d like to thank the following volunteers who helped make our annual work detail/club picnic day possible:

Tom & Aine Byrne, June Baney, Dave & Belinda Frost, Cheryl Gross, Brian & Nicole Shoop, Bob & Bobby Prettyman, Walt Domarew, John & Diane Tshudy, Vic Ferree, Adam & Kyle Strickler, Jeremy Stickler, Darrell Weaver, Chet & Kristen Tanner, along with myself, Jim Baney

Think snow, everyone!

Jim Baney (AKA Grousegirl), President, Grand Canyon SMC


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