Upper Pine Creek Trout Tournament
2022 Scholarships

2022 Scholarship Winners

Front Row: Thad Boyer, Owen Richardson, Brooke Lundgren, and Jim Baney (PAGCSC President)
Back Row: Jim Westbrook and Wayne Fletcher (Seneca Resources)

Presentation Ceremony

Owen Richardson
Jim Baney
Brooke Lundgren
Jim Baney & Jim Westbrook
Thad Boyer
Jim Baney & Jim Westbrook
Congratulations to the 2022 Scholarship Winners:
Thad Boyer, Brooke Lundgren, and Owen Richardson

Whew, it was a tough competition this year for the scholarships! ALL of the students who applied for our “Wildlife, Ecology, and Environmental” scholarships wrote some incredible responses to the questions on the application. We want to thank them for taking the time to be so thoughtful and creative and we wish them all the best of success in life!
It was a hard choice (we mean really hard), but we finally settled on the following three students:
Thad Boyer of Cowanesque 
Brooke Lundgren of Wellsboro
Owen Richardson of Wellsboro
Congratulations to each of them!
These students have great plans for their futures, ranging from heavy equipment operations/diesel technician to environmental science/geosciences to biology. Their essays touched upon the important role that earthworks can have in controlling flooding, solving new ways to use renewable resources, and mapping out conservation areas to aid against the urbanization of wildlife habitats.
All the kids plan to further their education in colleges located within PA. They each have insightful and viable ideas on what they can do personally to improve/mitigate some of the environmental issues our local area is experiencing.
We here at the PA Grand Canyon Snowmobile Club are proud to be able to give these students a boost toward their future careers. And we thank Seneca Resources for partnering with us to make these scholarships help even more!
Be on the lookout over the next few weeks for more about these students in the Wellsboro Gazette and on our website!
Again, we’d like to congratulate Thad, Brooke, and Owen!

We are very pleased to announce that Seneca Resources is partnering with our club on the 2022 Upper Pine Creek Trout Tournament Scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded to three deserving seniors from local area high schools and each scholarship amount is now $1,000. We look forward to receiving the insightful and inspirational applications we always get each year.

Thank you for partnering with us on these scholarships, Seneca!

We can’t wait to read the entries for this year’s scholarships!
We love our local schools’ seniors… Go Class of 2022!