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  • MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION FORM MAILINGS: For those club members that we have email addresses for, the 2022-2023 form was emailed to you on September 13 along with an enlarged map of the North Meadow Trail, and a survey we’d like our members to fill out and return to us. If you did not receive the email, the registration form and map/survey will be mailed to you through the USPS, so be on the lookout for that in the next week or so. And you can also download the registration from this website. Happy and safe snowmobiling, everyone!
  • TRAIL CLEANUP: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, is the day we’ll be doing our annual trail cleanup. As we have reported previously, the trail behind our clubhouse that runs toward Burnin’ Barrel is permanently closed. At the clubhouse, we will be directing snowmobiles coming from/going to the west on that trail across Route 6 to the North/North Meadow Trail. That North/North Meadow Trail is what we’ll be working on for cleanup day, along with the usual cleanup to the west of the clubhouse. While the North Trail is an existing one, it’s not been much used, so there’s a lot of work to be done it. —- VOLUNTEERS: Meet us at 7 am at the clubhouse and we’ll carpool over to Baxter’s Bakery for breakfast on us, then head back to the clubhouse and the trail. Bring tools and saws, weed whackers if you got ’em, and anything else you think we might need to clear this trail. YOUR HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!
  • Notice: The May board meeting has been moved up a week to the 7th because of the Upper Pine Creek Trout Tournament. The meeting will be at 6 PM at the clubhouse and all club members are invited to attend, most especially if you are planning on volunteering to help us during the tournament.
  • We have a new board member: The club is excited and pleased to announce that Dianne Tshudy has agreed to become a club board member! Welcome to the board, Dianne!
  • Trout Tournament Rules have been posted on the Trout Tournament “About” page and on our Facebook page.
  • Trout Tournament Scholarships: We are very pleased to announce that Seneca Resources is partnering with our club on the 2022 Upper Pine Creek Trout Tournament Scholarships. The scholarships will be awarded to three deserving seniors from local area high schools and each scholarship amount is now $1,000. We look forward to receiving the insightful and inspirational applications we always get each year. Thank you for partnering with us on these scholarships, Seneca!
  • New Business Member: Rough Cut Lodge is giving a discount to our members of 15% off cabin rentals. Welcome to the club, Rough Cut, and thanks for supporting us!
  • New Business Members: Welcome to the club, Kurtz Performance LLC and Pine Creek Inn Family Restaurant! Pine Creek Inn gives a 10% discount to our club members!
  • Volunteer Call to Our Club Members: The Upper Pine Creek Trout Tournament is set for the weekend of May 14-15. Volunteer for it and come have some fun with us!
  • Notice: The South railbed is closed because icebergs are all over the property owner’s yard and over the trail from Pine Creek’s eruption. Ice is blocking both access points through the yard. Please use the North Route/North Meadow Trail for the remainder of the season to our clubhouse if riding from Colton Road.
  • Cancellation: The Hot Dog Run this Saturday, February 19, 2022, has been cancelled due to lack of sufficient snow on the ground.
  • Notice: The club’s monthly board meetings have been moved forward an hour and will now begin at 6 pm, every second Saturday of the month, except for July, when there is no meeting. Tonight’s meeting (February 12, 2022) will be the first one to be held at 6 pm. Club members are encouraged to join us at these meetings.
  • Club members: SPAM FILTERS: If you gave us your email address but are not receiving our monthly newsletters, or you’ve asked a question through our website but got no reply, check your spam filter. We are getting notices that a few replies, etc., are being bounced back as undeliverable because of spam filters on your accounts. Our email address is
  • The club’s board of directors and its officers wish to extend a warm welcome to Brian and Nicole Shoop as the newest board members. Welcome, you two, and thanks for agreeing to serve!
  • Membership renewals have been mailed out to all 2021 members. Let us know if you didn’t receive yours! Contact Us
  • Club policy is that anyone 18 years old and over must have their own individual membership. Children 17 years and under are included in family memberships. Please take this into account when renewing your membership!
  • Monthly club newsletters are now being emailed to those members who provided their email addresses on their membership renewal forms.
  • The club will again be selling gas to our members (cash only, members only) this riding season. It’s 89 octane and 10% ethanol.