General Information

We encourage our members to respect the landowners whose land you are crossing along the trails and to remember that riding is a privilege, not a right.

If you need to cross the parking lot at The Log Cabin Inn and Restaurant, keep in mind that they are kindly allowing riders that access and, therefore, all snowmobiles should be driven very slowly through that area. There have been serious issues in the past and we have agreed to install the following signs at either end of the trail through their parking lot:

In addition, whenever conditions are not good (for instance, not enough snow on the ground for a riding base) and/or the trail behind the clubhouse is not considered usable, we may be redirecting riders to other areas, so snowmobilers should be watching for closure signs on area trails.

2/4 Trail report

A few of us from the club Road the last two days Wednesday and Thursday. First of all the trails have plenty of snow on them. We received the snow from earlier in the week which on average was 7 to 9 inches in the area depending on where you are. Tuesday night we received…