2/4 Trail report

A few of us from the club Road the last two days Wednesday and Thursday. First of all the trails have plenty of snow on them. We received the snow from earlier in the week which on average was 7 to 9 inches in the area depending on where you are. Tuesday night we received on average another 2 to 3 inches. And we received about an inch here on top north of gains last night. Wednesday we rode to Heiner view. Most of the trails were groomed some still had a little chop from the weekend but nothing bad especially if you’re riding a newer sled. We passed six different groomers on our trip Wednesday. Thursday we left the Snowmobile Club through the canyon over to Germania, through Carter camp over through Cherry Springs, rode around in the Denton Hill and Lyman run areas. The Denton Hill and Lyman run areas were groomed terrifically and were the smoothest trails we ran a crossed in two days. Hats off to this district for an excellent job. We left the Denton area and headed to Crossfork had lunch at Deb’s and left via the pipeline. We headed north via Greenwich Road, young woman’s Creek Road, Big Springs Road, Lebo Road to route 44. These were also in very good shape. We came back through toward the club via Cushman Rd., Wilson Point Rd., Ridge Road and Cedar Mountain Road. These are often some of my favorites but this trip were a little choppy still on Thursday afternoon. We used the connector trail from Thompson Hollow to come over to painter Latonia then to Colton Road and back to the snowmobile club these trails were in good shape. When we left Thursday morning it was 13° unfortunately it did get close to 40 degrees. But, by Thursday night it was back below freezing again and isn’t supposed to be real warm. There are some chances for snow in the forecast and I think the weekend looks great. Be safe if you venture out. We plan to be open this weekend at the club and stop in if you can. All for now. This picture is from the look out at Hyner View. Wednesday.

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